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Lekelab by StudioTASSY.

We are a creative studio dedicated to all age interaction, learning and playfulness in diverse settings to improve social wellbeing. Using a wide range of traditional and innovative tools and resources our purpose is to facilitate community cohesion, nurture health and care for the natural environment.

The work spans a wide range of media and activity from physical built environments and events to discourse and policy shaping but is firmly rooted in the ‘context specific’ and with a commitment to the places and occasions where communities meet and which they share; street, playground, school, hospital or park…

StudioTASSY is the studio practice of artist, Tassy Thompson. Tassy began using her creative skills to engage actively with ‘people and place’ around 1992 and over the past decades has built up a broad spectrum of experience and deep understanding of social wellbeing, through hand on creative practice, teaching and project management in the UK, USA and Scandinavia.




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Djinn Webber, NYC
+1 212 555 1234


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Renée Carrénard, Paris
+33 (0) 55 5555 0678


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Gordon Fan, Hong Kong
+852 1234 5678



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